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Eisenhower was not going to let him make one now. And because of the nightly curfew the villagers were unable to leave their houses to investigate.Plagued by uncertainty, they could only wait. The Supreme Commander wanted to remain flexible enough to thrust both to the Ruhr and the Saar as the occasion permitted. In what area were the drops planned? The blunder at Antwerp was compounded as the British came to a halt to "refit, refuel, and rest. Eisenhower's strategy, Montgomery reiterated, was wrong and would have "dire consequences." Montgomery's pursuit, he was convinced, had ground to a halt.Quickly, Von Rundstedt turned his attention to Model's orders of the previous twenty-four hours. "Studying each aspect of the situation confronting him, diagraming possible Allied moves and weighing each alternative, he noted that the most vigorous attacks were still being made by Patton, heading for the Saar. She could scarcely believe their eyewitness report. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Allied tanks could easily slice through the country all the way from the Belgian border to the Zuider Zee. Because his 85th Infantry Division was almost totally destroyed, Chill had been ordered to save whatever remained and move back into Germany. For now he was sure that even Eisenhower must realize that the time had come to strike the final blow.In the bedroom of his villa at Granville on the western side of the Cherbourg peninsula, the Supreme Commander read Montgomery's Signal No. His sister Maria, caught up in the excitement, noted happily in her diary that there was "a mood in the streets almost as though it was Koninginnedag, the Queen's birthday." But his toughest and best troops, rushed in special trains to Holland in what Student called a "blitz move," would be in position on the Albert Canal, as part of Model's Army Group B, within twenty-four hours.Jodl's call and the information he himself had since gathered alarmed Student. Still, the Field Marshal felt that Model's position made little difference now. To his mind there was only one policy: "to halt the right and strike with the left, or halt the left and strike with the right." Some people later recalled that only once before had they heard such a flow of traffic -- in May, 1940, when the Germans had invaded the Netherlands. If you try a long column like that in a single thrust you'd have to throw off division after division to protect your flanks from attack. Order had to be restored and the breach closed. Don’t let the length of the book scare you off, however. With the remainder of his troops the hapless Von Zangen was to attack northeast into the avalanche of British armor. That "Bohemian corporal," he fumed, had used "my age and ill health as an excuse to relieve me in order to have a scapegoat." Peijnenburg felt confused and uneasy.Others shared his concern -- especially the underground high command meeting secretly in The Hague. Constantly referring to a sheaf of Eisenhower's communications that had arrived during the previous week, he called attention to the Supreme Commander's inconsistencies in not clearly defining what was meant by "priority." Produced by Joseph E. Levine and Richard P. Levine, it was the second film based on a book by historian Cornelius Ryan to be adapted for the screen. Was there still time to take advantage of the 80-foot-wide water barrier and turn it into a major defense line that would delay the Allies long enough for additional reinforcements to reach the canal? Still, transmitting information was hazardous. There was even a Dutch report that "battered panzer formations have been sent to Holland to refit," and these too were said to be in the Market-Garden area. Everywhere throughout the disorderly convoys were swarms of tired, dusty soldiers on hastily commandeered bicycles.There were even more bizarre forms of transportation. Now, as tank columns approached the Reich, the Allies were almost seven months ahead of their advance schedule. Eisenhower patiently granted the Field Marshal's demand. "The legendary Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, renowned for his victories in the North African deserts in the first years of the war and sent by Hitler to command Army Group B under Von Rundstedt, was equally appalled by the Führer's confidence. This atmosphere is being brought back to the rear areas, infecting units still intact and in this moment of extreme tension must be prevented by the strongest means.I appeal to your honor as soldiers. Published in 1974 and 1966, respectively, these comprise the second and third legs of Ryan's World War II trilogy begun with 1959's The Longest Day (Classic Returns, 4/15/94). Search for: Categories. There, under the constant threat of Allied air attack, Von Zangen's forces had to follow a single main road, running east from Walcheren Island, across the Beveland peninsula and into Holland. Showing the Field Marshal the message file and quoting from report after report, Bernhard posed a question: "In view of this, why can't you attack right away? But by the fourth, the movement of the Germans and their followers had assumed the characteristics of a rout, a frenzied exodus that reached its peak on September 5, a day later to be known in Dutch history as Dolle Dinsdag, "Mad Tuesday. It would take at least four days for his entire force to reach the front, he estimated. Published on Fri 18 Aug 2006 19.53 EDT. The classic history book looking at the battle of Arnhem and Operation Market Garden. Unable to identify the subtle noise, many listened instinctively for some change in the flow of the nearby Lower Rhine. Filmed in 1977, A Bridge Too Far is an old school war movie. Lieutenant Sedelhauser was delighted. Because of Allied air power, ferrying operations across the 3-mile mouth of the Schelde, between the ports of Breskens and Flushing, would have to take place at night. Confident that he could right the situation, he took on Rommel's old command as well, becoming not only OB West but also Commander of Army Group B. It was obvious that he believed the impetus of the advance could be maintained long enough for the Allied armies to overrun the Siegfried Line before the Germans had a chance to defend it, for he saw signs of "collapse" on the "entire front." If that happened, Montgomery warned, "the Germans would gain time to recover, and the war would go on all through the winter and well into 1945. He included a section on the survivors, “Soldiers and Civilians – What They Do Today”. Still, the optimism had infected even the Supreme Commander. Audio Cassette zzzz. There could be no compromise, he warned the Supreme Commander. He refused to be diverted from his plan to drive to Berlin. Used. Two and one half months of bitter fighting have brought the end of the war in Europe in sight, almost within reach." Anxious and determined, he was waiting at Brussels airport as Eisenhower's plane touched down. Cheering crowds stood on sidewalks yelling, "Long live the Queen!" Bernhard was astounded. In Nijmegen soldiers tried to sell sewing machines, rolls of cloth, paintings, typewriters -- and one soldier even offered a parrot in a large cage.Among the retreating Germans there was no shortage of alcohol. We must wait. The barracks at Ede, which had been used to train German marines, were now practically empty. On D Day, despite Rommel's brilliant improvisations, Allied troops breached the "impregnable" wall within hours.In the terrible days that followed, overwhelmed by the Allies, who enjoyed almost total air supremacy over the Normandy battlefield, and shackled by Hitler's "no withdrawal" orders ("Every man shall fight and fall where he stands"), Von Rundstedt's straining lines cracked everywhere. It would be better, he believed, to advance in conjunction with the U.S. First Army northeast toward Wesel.A drive into Holland was, in any case, now imperative. Elated at the "electric" response -- as the Field Marshal called it -- Montgomery believed he had finally won the Supreme Commander over to his point of view.Although opposition before Montgomery's troops had stiffened, he believed that the Germans in Holland, behind the hard crust of their front lines, had little strength. The enemy, he said, was "not everywhere at once" and, indeed, "if all the tanks reported by rumormongers were counted, there would have to be a hundred thousand of them." He finally located the Field Marshal at Army Group B headquarters near Liège. Eisenhower's staff had estimated that it would take approximately eleven months to reach the German frontier at Aachen. A Bridge Too Far, a non-fiction book by Cornelius Ryan published in 1974, tells the story of Operation Market Garden, a failed Allied attempt to break through German lines at Arnhem across the river Rhine in the occupied Netherlands during World War II in September 1944. Montgomery's 21st Army Group now rivaled Patton's in speed. Más libros de Cornelius Ryan Ver todo. Warehouses, cranes, bridges, 3 1/2 miles of wharves, quays, locks, drydocks, rolling stock -- and, unbelievably, even the all-important electrically controlled sluice gates, in full working order -- had been seized.German plans to demolish the port had failed. In a letter to Montgomery on July 28, Brooke commented that Eisenhower had only "the very vaguest conception of war!" Montgomery replied briskly, "Two days." But it was not until we drove west to the outlying district of Oosterbeek that we found what we were looking for." It was his firm conviction that Eisenhower had missed the "great opportunity." Montgomery, according to the Prince, retorted, "I don't think your resistance people can be of much use to us. "Why have I been sent for?" Additionally, they were charged with holding open the corridor -- in most places a single highway running north -- over which British armor would drive. On the morning of September 11, a small group of Model's staff officers was dispatched in search of a new site for Army Group B's head-quarters -- in Arnhem.One of Model's aides, his general headquarters administration and transportation officer, thirty-five-year-old Lieutenant Gustav Sedelhauser, later remembered that "we visited the 9th and 10th SS division headquarters at Beekbergen and Ruurlo and General Bittrich's command post at Doetinchem. Author: Cornelius Ryan ISBN: 0450837319 Contributor: Bryan Hiatt Review Date: 3 Jun 2006 A Bridge Too Far (1974) is Cornelius Ryan’s opus. A few hundred yards to the north, protecting the village and the region from the restless 400-yard-wide river, a massive dike, topped by a road, rises at places more than twenty feet high. In this compelling work of history, Ryan narrates the Allied effor… Driel, sitting in a great bend of the Lower Rhine, southwest of Arnhem, capital of Gelderland, has an ever-present reminder of the struggle. Now their uneasiness turned to alarm, for there was no doubt about the identity of the movement: in this fifth year of World War II and after fifty-one months of Nazi occupation, everyone recognized the rumble of German convoys.Even more alarming was the size of the procession. Now the Field Marshal weighed the significance of Montgomery's tardiness. Eisenhower's determination to persist in his original concept revealed quite clearly, in Montgomery's opinion, that the Supreme Commander was "in fact, completely out of touch with the land battle. Explosives had been placed on major bridges and other key installations, but, overwhelmed by the spectacular speed of the British and resistance groups (among them Belgian engineers who knew exactly where the demolitions were planted), the disorganized German garrison never had a chance to destroy the vast harbor facilities.The thirty-seven-year-old Roberts had brilliantly executed his orders. Yet Bernhard was uneasy.Over the past seventy-two hours messages reaching him from the resistance had again and again underscored the German panic in Holland and repeated the news that the retreat, begun on September 2, was still in progress. "The hour of liberation the Netherlands have awaited so long is now very near," he promised. His forces, fighting almost continuously since Normandy, had been badly mauled. When would the operation take place? General Gale left.Almost immediately Montgomery denounced the Supreme Commander's broad-front policy. In nearly every case the speeding land armies had already arrived at the objectives planned for the paratroops.Montgomery's original proposal had called for units of Brereton's airborne force to grab a crossing west of the town of Wesel, just over the Dutch-German border. Gasoline pipelines were only now being laid and extended. He dismissed the possibility of two drives, because "it would split our maintenance resources so that neither thrust is full-blooded" and as a result "prolong the war." The main characters of this history, war story are , . Not far away, in the village of Uden, Johannes de Groot, forty-five-year-old car-body builder, was watching the retreat with his family when Germans set fire to a former Dutch barracks barely 300 yards from his home. With all possible speed, Student was ordered to rush his forces to Holland and Belgium. The older Wildeboer, a former sergeant major in the Dutch Army, disagreed. He was not particularly looking forward to his meeting with Montgomery and the usual temperamental arguments he had come to expect from the Field Marshal. With the crushing defeat of his Afrika Korps by Britain's Montgomery at El Alamein in 1942 always in his mind, and well aware of what the Allied invasion would be like, Rommel believed that the invaders must be stopped on the beaches. Nevertheless, the ghostly Siegfried Line must be given substance, its fortifications readied and manned. As a fan of the movie I was surprised at how well the film version relates the story told in the book. In the far distance came a muted, continuous mutter.Barely audible, but persistent, the sound reached the village in waves. Von Rundstedt knew only too well that the fortifications were more propaganda than fact. The Westwall, to Hitler, had now become an idée fixe, and Von Rundstedt once again was being ordered "not to give an inch," and "to hold under all conditions. The classic history book looking at the battle of Arnhem and Operation Market Garden. Both commanders, flushed with victory and bidding for glory, now vied for that opportunity. So fierce and unrestrained was Montgomery's language that Eisenhower suddenly reached out, patted Montgomery's knee and told him, "Steady, Monty! Available on Compatible NOOK Devices and the free NOOK Apps. "A Bridge Too Far" is the classic text on the history of Operation Market Garden. Yet he had no intention of flying to Jullouville in an attempt to change Eisenhower's mind. The battered units, Model told him, were to "slowly disengage from the battle and immediately head north. "Montgomery's view was based on a recent development which angered him and, he felt, demeaned his own role. Browning had estimated that Market could be ready by the fifteenth or sixteenth, but Montgomery was concerned about Garden, the land operation. Plunging along the same route were Model's own demoralized, retreating forces.In a desperate effort to halt their flight, Model issued an emotional plea to his troops....With the enemy's advance and the withdrawal of our front, several hundred thousand soldiers are falling back -- army, air force and armored units -- troops which must re-form as planned and hold in new strong points or lines.In this stream are the remnants of broken units which, for the moment, have no set objectives and are not even in a position to receive clear orders. They were also told they had less than seven days to prepare. With the Germans reeling, the mop-up could take place at any time. As he was later to recall, "it would have been useless to protest anyway. And for these fleeing forces all roads seemed to lead to the German border.Because the withdrawal began so slowly -- a trickle of staff cars and vehicles crossing the Belgian frontier -- few Dutch could tell exactly when it had started.

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