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56 years experience in Allergy and Immunology. When you exfoliate regularly, you will lose unwanted fat on your thighs as it gets deposited in this part of the body usually. tretch marks mostly occur on belly , thighs and buttocks skin area. When these connective fibers get stretched too far, it could tear the skin which then results to the marks. Karen Cross, FNP, MSN, Is olive oil a good moisturizer for your face?, retrieved from But if you still have some darker stretch marks and you’re struggling to get rid of them, then you might need to look at some other treatments. Isabella is the founder of My Fit Station. For girls, the percentage is even higher, coming in … According to a 2018 article, injections of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can help rebuild collagen, making stretch marks less visible. It’s also very common to encounter dark stretch marks on your inner thighs.While you can hide these a bit easier, they are just as unsightly. Exfoliators are designed to get rid of the layer of dead skin cells that naturally builds up over time. Make sure you consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables as they have rich antioxidants that can hydrate and enrich your skin. Experts suggest using Ebanel topical cream as it includes all the effective ingredients above. Stretch marks on the inner thighs happen to women who are in the third trimester of their pregnancy and people who have lost a great deal of weight at a rapid pace. (1) There are other benefits too in staying hydrated so there's nothing to lose. No matter how busy your lifestyle is, it will be vital for your own and the baby's health to always stay hydrated. Having regular massage performed using natural oils may help to prevent the appearance of stretch marks as the oils are packed with essential nutrients that can nourish the skin and reduce the development of stretch marks on your skin. You will also find stretch mark creams and lotions on the market with a special formula to lighten stretch marks on your thighs. Your body then naturally removes the dead cells and replaces them with new ones.It is quite an effective solution, but something that you should only consider after trying out all other natural options. Kris Gunnars, BSc, How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day?, retrieved from, Dealing With Stretch Marks On Your Thighs, 13 Best Health & Fitness Websites for Women. When to Seek Medical Care Visit your doctor if you have widespread or excessive stretch marks. You can use home remedies like olive oil, natural aloe vera, and cocoa butter, or pick up some beauty creams with similar ingredients. If you have found out that you are pregnant, then it’s time to start looking after your skin immediately. Other factors that makes teens predisposed to stretch marks appearing include a genetic risk or family history of stretch marks, pregnancy, being overweight or obese, or taking a cortisol medication. The chances are high that they will fade with time. It is quite possible that you will have to resort to some sort of chemical peel. Teenagers usually develop stretch marks on the thighs, hips, buttocks, breasts, abdomen, lower and upper back, knees, and legs. In dermatology, they are termed as Striae. So, it pays to check the label first before purchasing your topical cream. There can be many causes of thigh stretch marks, including sudden weight gain, hormonal disbalance, use of steroids, medical conditions, bodybuilding, etc. Her mission is to spread a healthy, balanced and FUN approach to mind/body health & fitness, one that encourages growth, empowerment and a lavish dose of self-loving. Stretch Marks, What Are They? How to remove stretch marks on thighs? Find out more about me here. Coconut oil: This oil is well known to possess skin conditioning qualities which explains why it was used in ancient times to cure all kinds of marks and scars on the skin. Apricot, exfoliation techniques, aloe vera, some deep natural moisturizing oils etc. A healthy diet will also result in getting rid of the stretch marks on the thighs. Types of stretch marks 3. This will help the marks on the thighs to lighten. In order to exfoliate your skin, you will need to use natural white sugar. Here’s how to get rid of white stretch marks or silver stripes fast by exfoliating. It is thus best to control your weight. The itchiness associated with stretch marks can also be brought on by the healing process of the damaged skin. Irrespective of gender and age thigh marks are a bit of embarrassment when exposed. We’ll check and find what stretch marks are, signs and symptoms, effects, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment, particularly on how the inner thighs stretch mark removal is done. These include Thalgo Stretch Marks Cream and Liforma Stretch Marks Cream. Learn how your comment data is processed. The easiest way to stop stretch marks from spoiling the look of your body is through prevention. Exfoliation. Pluck an Aloe Vera leaf and wipe it on the stretch marks between legs Once you are done rubbing it in, allow it fifteen minutes before you can rinse it off using some warm water There are some treatments that may help make stretch marks look better, but they will not get rid of them. You shouldn’t wait for the appearance of stretch marks before you take action. Vitamins are critical for the health and elasticity of your skin, which links to how likely it is for the underlying blood vessels to become visible. Stretch marks are more common in dry skin, which is characteristically itchy. The main reason behind the occurrence of these marks on the thighs is weight gain. There are some women that are lucky enough to go through a pregnancy and never show any of the signs of skin discoloration or stretching, but there are many more that do.The one thing that surprised me the most was that your belly is only one of the areas where these marks can appear. Apply natural oils Having regular massage performed using natural oils may help to prevent the appearance of stretch marks as the oils are packed with essential nutrients that can nourish the skin and reduce the development of stretch marks on your skin. They are formed due to hormonal changes related to pregnancy, puberty, hormone replacement therapy, etc. It is one of the most cost-effective methods. Laser therapy is used for newly developed or older stretch marks both. The specialist would peel away some layers of your skin to make way for the new skin to grow which would have a better texture. Stretch marks usually appear due to post pregnancy, rapid weight weight gain and rapid weight loss.Due to stretch marks skin becomes uneven and looks very bad. The skin of the human … Stretch marks occur when skin gets overstretched. This light stretching can help break down the scars and, of course, increase circulation to help the skin regenerate on your thighs. You will be especially reliant on some extra vitamin C and E, and one of the best things recommended to me was vitamin E oil.It feels wonderful on the skin, absorbs very quickly and can have the dual function of a moisturizer as well. Try to apply moisturizers every morning and night, and if you have some time during the day. You can find many people having stretch marks on their thighs, be it male or female. Our articles are written by writers with a deep domain understanding of the topic and usually hold Bachelors / Masters degrees. Why Coconut Oil Helps in Stretch Marks & How to Use It. Your body will need more water during pregnancy, and your skin will thank you for it too.There is no avoiding the fact that your skin will become stretched, but the more hydrated it is, the more flexible it will be. The following may ensure better results with stretchmark removal lotions, gels, or creams: Apply products when the stretchmarks are new; mature stretchmarks are difficult to remove Massage the product gently over the marks to enhance its effectiveness Apply … With this, Ebanel continues to be on the recommended list of good topical creams. This procedure is designed to remove the top layer of skin including any damages present in the epidermis. The … Applying this oil from the initial stages of pregnancy will help to keep stretch marks at bay. You can also watch this video from Youtuber Allie Sevdalis on how she deals with her stretch marks. If you have any doubts about the products you want to use, then consult your doctor and always caution on the safe side. However, they may not completely go away. When the skin fiber breaks, the nerves in the area trigger an itchy response, which further aggravates the skin discomfort. They mainly appear on the abdomen due to pregnancy or obesity. Frankincense oil: Most aromatherapists recommend this oil to treat the stretch marks as they can keep the skin hydrated and hence helps in eliminating the formation of stretch marks on the skin. Several instances will come up and the first thing that will occur to you is the question, How to get rid of stretch marks on thighs and bums.. For instance, it has just been announced in your class, office or among your peers that there is going to be a beach party the next weekend or some other days. You can exfoliate using any natural product such as aloe vera or olive oil and combine with a natural exfoliator from a renowned brand at home. (2). Which oil - coconut, olive, castor, bio oil or Johnson's baby oil with vitamin e, is best to remove stretch marks on legs, thighs and buttocks? For me, this is one of the less favored options, because the chemicals can be quite severe. Stretch marks vary in intensity. For most people, the stretch marks will disappear with time, as new skin cells form and the skin tightens up again. We love hearing from readers, and the ideas can always help and inspire other women too. Apply this mixture on your thighs and massage gently in circular movements until the moisture is fully absorbed by the skin. None: Although a moisturizer may make the skin look more shiny and smooth, none of these reduces stretch marks or wrinkles. It is effective against pimples, wrinkles and dark… Take a tablespoon of natural white sugar and mix it with lemon juice and almond oil For the lemon juice and almond oil, you should only make sure that you use a … Red stretch … And if you have managed to come up with some other great ideas, especially home remedies, then why not share them on our Facebook or Pinterest pages. One of the most common places stretch marks like to form are on your inner thighs. What if you already have stretch marks? Our writers spend 10s of hours researching and writing articles which are factual and comprehensive. Do stretch marks during puberty go away? ), 10 Science-Backed Reasons Behind Weight Gain (No. While gaining body weight most of the people tend to experience extra flabs, which are actually fats that settle at some prime areas of the body such as thighs, breasts, hips, and abdomen. Kris Gunnars, BSc, How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day?, retrieved from Seek a qualified dermatologist to get a chemical peel performed on your thighs. As much as you may want to get rid of the red and purple marks on thighs and belly sections, you have to be very careful how you go about it while breastfeeding. Laser Therapy is considered the best cosmetic treatment to remove stretch marks effectively and permanently. American Academy of Dermatology, Evaluate before you exfoliate, retrieved from My Fit Station may contain affiliate links. Microneedling. Exfoliate regularly. These are mark lines, or stripes, that appears on the skin after a period when the skin is stretched beyond its natural limit. Topical creams are now widely used to treat any type of skin conditions. Stretch mark creams. (3). We provide information about fitness, nutrition, and other related subjects. The best way to avoid stretch marks is to prevent any rapid changes in the body which can stretch the skin and always keep skin hydrated. Excessive use of steroids can also lead to a massive and fast body muscle development which can because of stretch marks at selected parts of the body like the thighs. This is especially the case when one plans to wear clothes such as minis, shorts, short skirts, etc. Check out about our team in About Us section. It’s one of the dreaded thoughts of all pregnant women, but stretch marks are unfortunately very common. If stretch marks appear, they may be red or purple because of the blood vessels that could be seen from the outer layer of the skin.

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