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Astronaut Ellison S. Onizuka Street: 1988 Running diagonally from 1st Street to the corner of 2nd and San Pedro streets in Little Tokyo, it was renamed from Weller Street last year to honor the Japanese-American astronaut killed in the 1986 explosion of the space shuttle Challenger. Most of Feliz’s land was the Silver Lake area and the higher slopes of Griffith Park. The Committee recommends changes only in those cases in which it has determined that a change should be made. Union Station & the Plaza, was in the Violé map index but not drawn on the map itself. Pages in category "Streets in Los Angeles" The following 95 pages are in this category, out of 95 total. In 1906 Green had a street named after himself--Burton Way. Arcadia Street: 1872 Arcadia Bandini, born in 1823, was the daughter of prominent ranchero Juan Bandini. Tenth Street was renamed Olympic Boulevard in honor of the 1932 Olympics, though the name was not officially changed until some months after the conclusion of the games. Listed below are the current names of some of the city’s streets, the dates they were dedicated and some of their history. What’s open and closed amid L.A.’s stricter COVID rules. But the ring eventually faded into oblivion and so did the name. Email: . Several decades later, a group of businessmen developed a housing tract, Hollywoodland, and advertised it with a huge hillside sign, the “land” of which was eventually dropped. Cahuenga Boulevard: 1887 An Indian settlement in the middle of the pass at the lower end of the San Fernando Valley, Cahuenga was the site of the landmark Battle of Cahuenga. What you do — how we ALL act in the next six weeks — will make the difference between an inconvenient fall and a disaster that will take years to overcome. According to Robert S. Greenwood’s book, Down by the Station, the name had been changed to Los Angeles St. in 1877. Think Fairfax Avenue, Ventura Boulevard and Avenida Cesar Chavez. Historical and Biographical Record of Los Angeles and Vicinity, by J.M. Slauson, who died in 1905, organized the Los Angeles County Bank, was a founder and promoter of the Los Angeles & Independence Railroad, the first rail connection between Los Angeles and Santa Monica, and helped organize the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. Historic names and/or names referring to applicable geographic features shall be used Main Street: 1849 The community’s first Calle Principal connected the San Gabriel Mission with the San Fernando Valley and many established ranchos. La Brea Avenue: 1869 Named with the Spanish word for tar, which was found in nearby pits and used for waterproofing the sod roofs of the adobe houses in the Plaza. And street names are never permanent, they often change in response to history and events. Vignes Street: 1874 Named for Louis Vignes, who arrived in Los Angeles in 1831 bringing cuttings from France that he used to found a 100-acre vineyard called El Aliso, where Union Station now stands. For the purpose of this policy, a "Private Street" is a parcel of land, not dedicated nor deeded for public purposes over which a private easement for access purposes has been granted to the owners of properties contiguous or adjacent thereto; which … Time zone changes for: Recent/upcoming years 2020 — 2029 2010 — 2019 2000 — 2009 1990 — 1999 1980 — 1989 1970 — 1979 1960 — 1969 1950 — 1959 1925 — 1949 1900 — 1924 1850 — 1899 1800 — 1849 1st St. 1st St (Port of Lost Angeles) 2nd Anita Dr. 2nd Ave. 2nd Helena Dr. 2nd St. 2nd St (Port of Los Angeles) 3rd Ave. 3rd Helena Dr. California officially joined the Union on April 4, 1850. Grasshoppers--because pedestrians used to leap about while sour-faced policemen whistled and chased the crowds from one corner to the other. Negro Alley, the present Los Angeles St. bet. Los Angeles will make history Saturday when it formally changes the name of Rodeo Road to Obama Boulevard in honor of America’s first African American president. The problem was that, though early Spaniards interpreted “Charity” to mean “Christian love"--and other streets nearby were named Faith and Hope--to the prosperous residents the suggestion of handouts was too much to take. Broadway: 1890 Part of it was first called Calle Fortin--Fort Street--because it passed through the hilltop Ft. Moore. Jose Vicente Feliz, who led the first non-Indian expedition to what became the Pueblo of Los Angeles. Street Name Change Application Form . 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Los Angeles Street: 1854 Before the first official survey of the area in 1849, most of this thoroughfare was called Calle Principal (Main Street). The location is significant, the city said, because Obama held his first campaign rally in Los Angeles on February 20, 2007, at Rancho Cienega Park. A section of the route was in an area that was always damp, and its grass was green throughout the year. Gen. Thaddeus Kosciuszko Way: 1978 The downtown route was named after a Polish revolutionary war hero who was recognized as a Renaissance man--a gifted painter, architect, composer, scholar and philosopher--whose scope of interests was a match for that of Thomas Jefferson. Fax: (213) 626-0434 (please mark to the attention of the Street Naming Committee). Grand Avenue: 1887 It originally was known as Calle de la Caritad--Charity Street--but when the English version of the name became popular, wealthy residents petitioned the City Council to change it. These formed the principal highway running south to the Embarcadero of San Pedro. Olympic Boulevard: 1929 Named in honor of the upcoming 1932 Olympics. STREET NAME CHANGES IN LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: OLD STREET NAMES: NEW NAMES circa 1930s: 10th: 9th Pl: 35th Pl E: 36th E: Austin: Jefferson Blvd E: Auto Pl: Commonwealth Pl: Badger Av: Henry Ford Av: Ballinger: Floral Dr: Barracks Av: Cary Av: Batavia Av: Redlands: Blossom Av: Isis Av: Bolton Rd: Hollywood Bowl Rd: Bowl Rd: Via De La Paz Fax: (213) 626-0434 (please mark to the attention of the Street Naming Committee) The Los Angeles County Street Naming Committee provides a deliberative body to recommend street name changes to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors for streets in UNINCORPORATED Los Angeles County. The river was named by one of California’s pathfinders, Maj. John C. Fremont, for a member of one of his expeditions, Richard Owen. Gower Avenue: 1893 Named because it ran along the west side of the ranch belonging to George T. Gower. ; Domestic Partners: Filing Domestic Partnership forms (to register, terminate or revoke a termination). In 1863, Banning changed the name of the community to Wilmington, after his birthplace in Delaware. But others have been named for trees, actors, land developers and--in one case--the proximity of a bullfighting ring. The Jan. 13, 1847, Treaty of Cahuenga, signed by Gen. Andres Pico and Col. John C. Fremont, ended the Mexican-American War in California and declared as part of the United States all land west of the Rocky Mountains, south of Oregon and north of Mexico. In 1858, Stearns constructed a two-story business block on Los Angeles Street nearby and called it Arcadia Block. Ord Street: 1890 Originally called High Street, this route off the Plaza was renamed after Lt. E.O.C. California breaks record for hospitalizations. Update Address. Mailing address changes for property owned by and held in the name of an individual or individuals may be submitted by filling out a Change of Mailing Address Form. Stearns built a home for his bride one block south of the Plaza--the community’s central gathering area--and the house, called El Palacio, became the social hot spot. The Los Angeles Times noted that Rodeo Road was not the first stretch of L.A. asphalt to be named in honor of the 44th president. Aliso Street: 1854 When early settlers arrived at the Los Angeles River (El Rio de Nuestra Senora de Los Angeles de Porcinucula) by way of Mission Road, they picked as a nearby gathering point a huge sycamore that gave them shelter and became a landmark, “El Aliso.” That Spanish word for sycamore was later used to name the road carved out near the river, which then was not a concrete channel. The park sits on … $1,707 + $76.82 (4.5% I.T. Recovery Fee) Street Signage Fees: (determined on a case by case basis by SAC DOT) 2. The names of many Los Angeles streets have changed repeatedly over the years, reflecting the city’s transformation from a tiny Mexican colonial town to a booming metropolis. If you want to change a street name, you should reach out to the appropriate city or county department for your area. Wilshire Boulevard: 1895 Serving as a pathway from the Indian Village Yang Na (believed to have been where City Hall is today) to the Pacific Ocean, it originally was called Calle de los Indios. Winnetka Avenue: 1916 An egg farm owned by Charles Weeks was in the Northwest San Fernando Valley during the 1920s and early ‘30s. Another section was known as Eternity Street, because it led to a cemetery; Downey Avenue, after Gov. Edward Everett Horton Lane: 1968 The Encino road was named for the late character actor, who was considered the honorary mayor of the community. One section near the Plaza was known as Bath Street after, legend has it, the facilities featuring “scarlet women.”. In 1922, lots on Wilshire Boulevard sold for $54,000. EZ Form Homeowners Businesss Owners Other Property Exemptions Exemptions (Non-Profit) Ownership Code Form Name County Rev. John G. Downey, and Buena Vista Street, whose “good view,” as legend has it, was the view from the hillside of the women’s bathing pools (where the senoritas wore bathing dresses). List of Street Names in Los Angeles County, California, Maps and Street Views. Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering, Land Development and Mapping Division. The Committee recommends changes only in those cases in which it has determined that a change should … Melrose Avenue: 1887 Ranch owner E. A. McCarthy named the route after his hometown of Melrose, Mass. You must submit petitions signed by the majority of landowners along the route to the Land Development and Mapping Division of the Bureau of Engineering. Please send website questions and comments to It was543780384hanged by a mob after two policemen and a policeman’s brother were shot trying to break up a fight. From 1834 to 1845, Gov. You may have to submit an application with signatures of property and business owners in the area and pay a fee. The court process of getting a court order after filing a Petition for Change of Name can take up to 3 months. Street name petition. Guinn. City officials eventually decided to rename Fort Street because the area’s many German citizens had trouble with the pronunciation--it would come out “Fourth Street,” causing confusion with a thoroughfare by that name. Crenshaw Boulevard: 1904 It was informally known as Crenshaw Boulevard as early as 1889 after George L. Crenshaw, an importer who earned a reputation as the “banana king.”. At last count there were 953 private and 8,845 public streets in Los Angeles. used to be known as Santa Barbara Ave., fewer know that Broadway south … Fill Print Download Sample; x: x: x: Change … L.A. County tightens COVID-19 restrictions today: What you need to know. By 1937, 11 streets in Hollywood were named after the Cole family. You may ride, drive, bike, run and walk your L.A. streets, but do you know the history behind L.A. street names? The extension of Los Angeles Street in 1886 eliminated the alley and today the site adjoins the Hollywood Freeway. Don Francisco Avila was given a grant to Rancho Las Cienegas in 1823. If the change is approved by Caltrans, it would make the name of the street inconsistent in Manhattan Beach as it runs through the South Bay, going from … Historic Street Names in Los Angeles, California A compilation of the history of the street name changes in Los Angeles and those changed street segments are shown on a map . Street names have changed over the years in Los Angeles. Proposed changes should serve to eliminate ambiguities, duplications, or confusion of any kind, which may be addressed by changing a street name. There is no charge, however, with a public street. Op-Ed: On the COVID frontlines, we’re tired of hearing lame excuses for risky behavior. Other sections were known as Calle de la Zanja (Ditch Street), Calle de Los Vinas (Vineyard Street) and--much to the south--Calle de los Huertos (Orchard Street), which is now San Pedro Street. Rancho Los Feliz sold in the 1850s for $1 an acre. – Click, Street Name Change Petition – Click here (, Street Name Definitions and Spanish Type Street Name Prefixes and Suffixes – Click. Hollywood Boulevard: 1910 Named by Horace Henderson Wilcox, who bought 120 acres in the foothills northwest of Los Angeles during the 1880s and called the area Hollywood. Temple Street: 1859 Named after John Temple, who opened the first store in Los Angeles. He created a channel and built a wharf, warehouse, soap and tallow factory, and a blacksmith shop. Currently 678 historic street names are listed, and 160 have been located and drawn so they can be seen altogether here or individually, for example, for Beaudry . If you follow all the required steps and the court approves your request, you will get a court order called a "decree" changing your name. The Los Angeles City Council adopted a policy on January 31, 2006 (Council File No. Sepulveda Boulevard: 1925 Named for the family of Don Francisco and Ramona Sepulveda, who had 11 children, all of whom inherited parts of their parents’ property and acquired more land through their marriages. Olvera Street: 1858 Among the oldest streets of the city, it was named in honor of Agustin Olvera, one of the commissioners who signed the Treaty of Cahuenga. Alameda Street; Alondra Boulevard; Arrow Highway; Artesia Boulevard; Atlantic Boulevard (Los Angeles County) Avalon Boulevard; Avenue of the Stars, Century City; Aviation Boulevard LOS ANGELES COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS MAPPING & PROPERTY MANAGEMENT DIVISION JAMES A. NOYES, Director MAPPING & GIS SERVICES SECTION Street Name & House Numbering Unit 900 South Fremont Avenue Alhambra, CA 91803-1331 STREET NAME POLICY as of 6/28/99 1. Public health officials in some counties are warning that unless the coronavirus surge can be stopped, hospitals could run out of beds in weeks. Department of Regional Planning320 West Temple StreetLos Angeles, CA 90012T: (213) 974-6411 . The street was part of the 4,439-acre Rancho La Brea, which in 1860 was purchased by Maj. Henry Hancock for $2.50 an acre. Terms under which this service is provided to you. Juan Bautista Alvarado, who in 1836 became the first governor to promote public education. Alvarado Street: 1855 Named after Gov. Welcome to our comprehensive gift guide for the 2020 holiday season. This Saturday in South LA, the three and a half mile-long Rodeo Road is officially being renamed Obama Boulevard to honor America's first African American president. Wilmington Avenue: 1870 Phineas Banning, seeking to improve transportation in the area, bought some land near the ocean, which he called New San Pedro. Century Boulevard is 100 blocks south of the corner of 1 st and Main, ground zero for the numbering of houses and blocks of streets since 1945. First, you file your petition. This list may not reflect recent changes . Ord, who conducted the 1849 official survey and drew the first map of Los Angeles, all for a fee of $3,000. Pico Boulevard: 1855 Named after the 14th and last governor of California under Mexican rule, Don Pio Pico, whose grandfather and father had come to the area with a 1776 expedition. The road was used by the Sepulvedas to transport their cattle, which were often attacked by grizzly bears. Beverly Boulevard: 1921 Beverly Farms, Mass. Slauson Avenue: 1871 Extending from Whittier to West Los Angeles, it was named after Jonathan Sayre Slauson, leader of a group that in 1885 bought about 15,000 acres of rocky land in the San Gabriel Valley, of which about 4,000 acres were developed into the city of Azusa. People living along private thoroughfares may have to pay up to $1,000 to alter street signs. Los Feliz Boulevard: 1888 Named after Rancho Los Feliz, a Spanish land grant issued to Cpl. Alpine Street: 1887 Before it was named for one of California’s 58 counties, it had been known as the Street of the Virgins, a place where the young ladies of the pueblo strolled with their duenas (chaperones) past admiring caballeros (gentlemen). Eight million acres were acquired by fewer than 800 men, who created 500 ranchos. 330 W 130th St. Los Angeles, CA … (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)/*

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