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2 handfuls) of red raspberry leaf. Kidney tonic. Pregnancy teas usually include ingredients such as alfalfa, fennel seed, lemongrass leaf, lemon verbena, nettle leaf, red raspberry leaf, rose hips, and strawberry leaf. The kidneys are tasked with filtering and cleaning blood, and during pregnancy the body produces up to 50% more blood and increased metabolic waste. Strain the leaves, sweeten as desired, and enjoy! I really need to get on that this time...I have a loose leaf blend from mountain rose herbs, that has RRL and nettle. This herb has many potential uses during pregnancy and beyond. Red raspberry leaf, taken as a tea or in capsule form, strengthens the uterus, alleviates morning sickness, eases labor and delivery as well as postpartum discomforts, and aids in milk productions. Let me know if you’re doing it, and if you feel lighter, happier … Tonic herbs are best avoided in the first trimester. It works to both tone a relaxed uterus or to relax a uterus that is overly toned. It is extremely nourishing and is considered one of the best tonics for the overall body. It is often referred to as the supreme woman’s reproductive tonic herb. I’d heard of raspberry leaf tea being used to ‘bring on labour’ but never knew much else about it, thank you so much for sharing! 5 You may see pregnancy … - Store in the freezer to have on hand for labor. Spread them evenly throughout the day. Nettle Leaf Tea. Its high calcium content is helpful in dealing with leg cramps, muscle spasms and uterus pains. Its high mineral content make it especially nutritive to drink while breastfeeding. For example, nettle leaf (also known as stinging nettle leaf) stimulates the uterus and can cause miscarriage. Nettle is specifically toning to the kidneys and helps them to process and eliminate waste more effectively. Brewed as a tea or as an infusion, raspberry is the best known, most widely used, and safest of all uterine and pregnancy tonic herbs. If you’re pregnant or have been, you’ve probably heard of Raspberry leaf tea for pregnancy and labour. Drink red raspberry tea during the last two trimesters of pregnancy and during the postpartum period. Anthocyanin is a chemical in red raspberries that … Join my little community :), Family lifestyle blogger ‍♀️ - Drink 2-3 cups a day in the second or third trimester! With both my two pregnancies I started drinking 2-3 cups of these nourishing herbs at around the twenty week mark. Benefits Of Raspberry Leaf Tea During Pregnancy And Birth. It is the most well known herbal tonic for pregnancy and is found in many pregnancy tea blends. Anti-Inflammatory properties. Nettle is also known as stinging nettle due to the little stinging hairs found along its stem and leaves. - Cover with 4 cups of boiled water and cover with lid. This item: Red Raspberry Leaf Tea for Pregnancy and Fertility with Vitex Chasteberry, Nettle Leaf, Lemon Balm… $16.99 ($8.50 / 1 Ounce) Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, Fertility Tea with Rasberry Leaf for Women for Pregnancy, Labor and aid… $15.99 ($0.53 / 1 Count) Red Raspberry Leaf – Rich in iron, this herb has helped tone the uterus, increase milk production, decrease nausea, and ease labor pains. Hi, I'm Jenny, I am a Nurse, Author and Mum of 3 - William (11), Phoebe (9) and Daniel (5) My blog is a mixture of pregnancy and birth information, family life, homes and interiors and family reviews. Nettle is thought to increase milk supply and rebuild and nourish the mother after childbirth. 1. The nettle is great for all of pregnancy for the vitamins and minerals, but I really don't start RRL until 3rd tri. Nurse/ Former Midwife | Mother of 3 Brewed as a tea or as an infusion, it contains … It nourishes … This helps make contractions more regular but less frequent. Raspberry leaf tea is safe to drink from the second trimester onwards. * Using leaves hand harvested by wild collectors from places like Bosnia and Herzegovina, our herbalists blend this tea with other tonifying herbs to support you while you’re expecting. It is often referred to as the supreme woman’s reproductive tonic herb. Refrigerate the remaining tea for future use. Let us know what research says about this pregnancy tea. Red raspberry leaf (Rubus idaeus, Rubus occidentalis) has been used as a uterine tonic and general pregnancy tea for at least two centuries.Although this botanical is often mistakenly recommended to induce labor, its actual role is to increase blood flow to the uterus and aid the uterine muscle fibers in more organized contraction. Just the main tree to put up now on, AD During pregnancy women often experience pelvic, New giveaway on to win a £30. FertiliTea Ingredients. Raspberry leaf tea is not intended for using to bring on labour. Raspberry leaf tea is not intended for using to bring on labour. Tonic herbs are considered highly nourishing to a particular body system and help restore balance to that specific system. Chaste tree berry, Spearmint, Aniseed, Red Raspberry Leaf, Nettle Leaf. X, Highly recommend the Hot Mama Tea best one taste wise that I’ve tried. I don't have the position that it's unsafe at all in early pregnancy, but feel it's most useful at the end. The raspberry leaf helps … Calcium. Pregnancy is a time of great physical, emotional and spiritual shifts. If you take too much to try and induce labour, you could end up causing over stimulation and fetal distress. When is the right time during pregnancy to take raspberry leaf tea? Then every few days increase the dose by one cup or capsule until you are taking 3-4 cups or capsules per day. Made from the roots, berries, flowers, seeds, and leaves of a variety … Nettles helps to serve as a kidney tonic and diuretic and also helps … See some popular, top-rated raspberry leaf tea here. It also strengthens the blood vessels, which reduces the risk of hemorrhoids, and increases the amount of breast milk a mother produces. If you really can’t stand the taste or if you’re suffering from nausea, then try the capsules. I can’t wait to start my spring cleansing with the nettle tea. Red raspberry leaf has a long tradition of being used to strengthen and tone the tissue of the uterus during pregnancy. Are capsules better? - Strain and while tea is still warm stir in honey until blended. If you take too much to try and induce labour, you could end up causing over stimulation and fetal distress. Here is the list of pregnant women who should NOT drink raspberry leaf tea or take capsules: Raspberry leaf tea made from the dried raspberry leaves and boiling water is thought to be more effective than the capsules. #4: Dandelion leaf tea during pregnancy Since raspberry leaf is astringent it helps to prevent miscarriage and hemorrhaging during labor and postpartum. The leaf is also rich in niacin and manganese, which is a mineral the body uses to make connective tissue. My doula shared with me this idea to make some red raspberry ice cubes to have on hand for labor. Women with a history of miscarriage, however, should not use this herb until the second trimester. Pink Stork Fertility Tea. Below is an excerpt from Susun Weed's book Wisewoman Herbal for the Childbearing Year, 2010. If you overdose, you risk over-stimulating the uterus, or going the other way and relaxing it too much, which can make labour longer. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. ⬇Blog | Freebies | Youtube ⬇, Getting there! Learn how your comment data is processed. It is mildly diuretic and can help the body get rid of excess fluid, common during pregnancy and with cases of edema. Though red raspberry leaf tea … Pregnant women looking to jumpstart their labor have long turned to raspberry leaf tea because it's thought to be a uterine tonic that boosts blood flow to the uterus and strengthens the uterine muscle fibers. — Stinging Nettle Leaf. Red raspberry leaf has a long tradition of being used to strengthen and tone the tissue of the uterus during pregnancy. If you’re looking to attempt nettle tea, try to find one which contains the leaf and not the root, and consult your caretaker before purchasing nettle tea as it is understood for it’s stimulating impacts during pregnancy, and for that reason, lots of specialists suggest it together with red raspberry leaf tea. Drinking nettle tea in the weeks leading up to labor can help increase vitamin K levels, which is needed for the blood to clot and to decrease the chance of hemorrhaging. Sip and make sure you can taste the honey. Nettle is an all-around perfect fertility herb. If you ask any friends who have taken it and given birth you will probably get a mixture of responses, there will be some who swear by it, and some who say it made no difference! There are so many misconceptions about the whys and wherefores of raspberry leaf tea for pregnancy and birth that I thought I would clear it up in this post. It is recommended and designed to be taken in gradual increasing doses in the last 12 weeks of pregnancy. While usually known as a female herb, red raspberry leaf tea can also help support the prostate and various stomach ailments in children. Enjoy hot or cold. - Strain out herbs and store extra tea in the fridge for 3-4 days. If you’re buying loose-leaf raspberry leaf tea, you will need to be careful with your measurements and make a pot of tea or use an infuser. This is my go-to morning sickness remedy. They come in 300mg or 400mg doses. Be sure to steep covered. This labor aid is a simple way to get in some nourishment during labor. When is it safe to start drinking pregnancy teas like Red Raspberry and Nettle Leaf? Raspberry’s high mineral content makes it a valuable herb for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Hormones increase, organs stretch and shift to accommodate new life, and blood circulation rises. Prepares the body for the labor. It is the most well known herbal tonic for pregnancy and is found in many pregnancy tea blends. You will likewise find nettle in many mother’s tea for pregnancy … On Becoming A Midwife: A Personal Journey, If you have had a caesarean in the last two years, If you have high blood pressure or are taking blood pressure medication, Previous quick deliveries (under 3 hours), If you are having more than one baby (twins, triplets etc), If you have any medical conditions like heart problems, epilepsy, blood clotting disorders, if you are taking antidepressants, fibroids, endometriosis, breast or ovarian cancer, blood clotting disorders, Placenta praevia, low lying placenta or unexplained vaginal bleeding in late pregnancy, If baby is breech, transverse or oblique position (any position other than head down), If you have very strong Braxton Hicks contractions. RED RASPBERRY LEAVES (Rubus spp.) Nettles ability to strengthen and nourish the kidneys is extremely helpful during pregnancy. Stinging nettle works hand-in-hand with raspberry leaf in our formula. All great things for a pregnant body. This herbal tea has been used for centuries to support respiratory, digestive and uterine health, particularly during pregnancy and childbearing years. I tried raspberry leaf tea during my pregnancies and it definitely did not stop me going beyond my due date but my midwife said it would be good for my overall health so that is all I was expecting. X. Calcium helps to build healthy teeth and bones for your growing baby and can help reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia during pregnancy. Go for the higher dose if you can. It contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, and vitamin C. Raspberry leaf is rich in naturally chelated iron that the body can easily assimilate, and can be combined with our friend nettle to help with low iron levels and anemia. - Let steep overnight to make a strong medicinal tea. Red Raspberry leaves are high in iron and enrich colostrum that is in mother's milk, cleanses the blood, purifies and prepares breasts for nothing but a pure milk supply. It is recommended and designed to be taken in gradual increasing doses in the last 12 weeks of pregnancy. Bring about a quart of water to a boil, and then spoon a heaping quarter-cup … I really like this one from Hottea Mama, it is a mix of raspberry leaf and peppermint herb infusion for a different taste. Store tea blend in a glass jar out of direct sunlight. Nettle is high in calcium, chlorophyll, iron, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin K. Nettle is great for pregnant women experiencing chronic fatigue and low energy associated with low iron levels. The main objective of raspberry leaf tea as we have discussed is for toning the uterus for a more coordinated and efficient labour, but in my role as a Midwife and from personal experience, I’ve noticed that women who took it regularly in the lead up to giving birth required fewer or no stitches, ie they tore less or not at all. … It is recommended that you drink red raspberry and nettle tea throughout pregnancy as follows: 3-4 tablespoons of nettle and red raspberry to one quart boiling water. Birds & Bees Teas - Peaceful Pregnancy Tea, Red Raspberry Leaf Tea That is a Nourishing and Safe Prenatal Tea for Your First Trimester Through Third Trimester - 40 Servings, 4.0 oz 4.5 out of 5 stars98 $21.99$21.99($21.99/Count) Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 25 During pregnancy the body goes through a wide range of changes that can cause a variety of discomforts. This sweet mint tea is a great option if you prefer cold … Ginger tea has powerful … You can imagine tonic herbs as special foods for the body due to their high vitamin, mineral and nutritive quality. It helps the uterus in letting go, work more efficiently, and produce a more coordinated uterine contraction. Herbs provide a gentle and safe way to relieve common pregnancy related discomforts while nourishing and strengthening specific body systems. Ginger Tea. Do not start below this unless you have had it prescribed by a qualified medical herbalist. Red raspberry leaves tea are known as the uterine tonic and are widely used by pregnant women for decades. Order Loose Leaf Pregnancy Tea Here Contains: Red Raspberry Leaf, Spearmint, Nettle, Alfalfa, Oatstraw, Rosehips, Fennel, Lemongrass (read how each of these herbs can nourish the body below) Red Raspberry Leaf: the best known and quintessential herb for pregnancy. Herbal teas considered to be possibly safe or likely safe during pregnancy include raspberry leaf, peppermint, ginger, and lemon balm teas. This is only conjecture and not based on any research, but it is worth thinking about. It is used to tone the muscles of the uterus, making it more efficient during labour. It tones the uterus and improves blood supply. These herbs are useful in improving one’s overall health during pregnancy and beyond. ... Organic stinging nettle leaf : * Herbalists like Rosemary Gladstar and Susun Weed have touted this plant’s uses for decades, … Raspberry leaves offer several benefits thanks to their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, relaxant and diuretic properties. PREGNANCY TEA RECIPE WITH RED RASPBERRY & NETTLE, My go to category of herbs to use during pregnancy are herbs known as, Without a doubt my two favorite tonic herbs for pregnancy (and beyond) are. European and Native American women have used raspberry leaves for over 2,000 years to tone the uterus and prepare the womb for childbirth. Red raspberry leaves contains essential nutrients like vitamin C, K, E, manganese, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and copper. When pregnant, I start using red raspberry leaf tea as part of my pregnancy blend in late second and third trimester. Cover and allow to steep for 4 hours.

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