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Lamarck's concept pre-dated Darwin. Given his other views, we would be shocked if he wasn't. Of course Ethiopia isn't communist any more (since 30 years), but never mind. Same thing with, There will be false Christs and many false prophets who will deceive many. A simple question to an unproven theory opens the door for intellectual and spiritual discussion and debate. We also know that evolution of living organisms can develop characteristics that give the illusion of design. Comfort was born on December 5, 1949, in New Zealand. Actually, yes we have seen bridges form without a builder. About Jesus? But if someone hands you a parachute you take it, cause it will save you. The more it's going to run from the light. COMMENDATIONS: "Ray Comfort's ability to insightfully shred the vain reasoning's of men is a gift, and this film is a tour de force exposure of the emptiness of humanism." Ray Comfort, a Christian creationist and televangelist, uses a banana to slap evolution in the face in an excerpt from his Way of The Master television show co-hosted by former child star Kirk Cameron. Enjoy the best Ray Comfort Quotes at BrainyQuote. It is clear that Comfort knows little about science: Comfort's most-often-repeated attacks on evolution appear to be the Playground-Tested™ method of name calling: That said, the tone of Comfort's arguments is not their main issue. Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis Anon The Evolution V. God video is only a bit over thirty minutes in length, but it is one of the most power packed blows to the evolutionary model produced in this decade. And Comfort maintains - without giving a reason - that it has to be the god of the Bible, not any other god or gods. Craig Stanford, Professor, Biological Sciences and Anthropology, USC Fossil and embryological evidence supports the existence of a lineage from early fishes which developed accessory breathing organs as pouches branching off their guts (and breathed by swallowing air), which then were modified over time to become the separate lungs of the early amphibians. Forget paintings, have we ever seen a sculpture form without a sculptor? He then goes on to quote Scott Lively, Janet Porter, and Tony Peirce on how this is somehow going to lead to the end of the world. Comfort, Ray, "The Way of the Master," p. 3, 5, The School of Biblical Evangelism, Lesson 72: Atheist Questions Part 1, Stealing intellectual property is also theft, see, You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, but You Can't Make Him Think, "Evolution is a fairy tale for grown ups. In his newest film, Evolution vs. God, Ray Comfort, founder and president of Living Waters, brings to light the way evolutionary ideas are manifestations of a deeper problem. Comfort: What do you call a person who steals? It's coming this Saturday from 12 to six Eastern time and get this We've got Ken Hamm Ray Comfort, Jason Lyle and eight other speakers for a total of 11 speakers, and each of them are going to do a 15 minute Ted Talk style message so you're gonna get bombarded with all kinds of truth and you're gonna get equip so sign up again this. Ray Comfort is the Founder and CEO of Living Waters and a bestselling author who has written more than 90 books, including God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life, How to Know God Exists, and The Evidence Bible. He also cohosts the award–winning television program Way of … This analogy kind of falls apart though since the judge, being an omniscient God, would still have the evidence for his sins. Comfort is a Young Earth creationist (YEC),[12] stating categorically, "there is no such thing as evolution". books and articles. Then again, maybe he's just distinguished himself as idiot of the week. a lizard producing a bird, a dog producing a cat or, even stranger, a sheep producing a chicken, Origin of Species: 150th Anniversary Edition, Nothing Created Everything: The Scientific Impossibility of Atheistic Evolution, Intelligent Design vs. Evolution - Letters to an Atheist, Scientific Facts in the Bible: 100 Reasons to Believe the Bible is Supernatural in Origin, Origin of Species (2009): Accusations of plagiarism, Rational Response Squad debate with Way of the Master, THE RAYTRACTORS — RAY COMFORT'S DETRACTORS, "Uncomfortable Questions for Ray Comfort and Believers in Hell", "Ray Comfort succeeds Ted Haggard as Most Gay Evangelical", "Banana Man" Ray Comfort Now Wants to Convince You God Designed Coconuts, Kirk Cameron, From Sitcom Star to Evangelist, Christian Evangelist's Book Ranked Bestselling 'Atheist' Item, Ray Comfort's Money Machine - The Pay of the Master - B2B, Kirk Cameron's and Ray Comfort's Way of the Master Series, An Interview with Creationist, Filmmaker, and Banana-Enthusiast Ray Comfort. To Comfort, that means saying things like "OMG" or "oh my God!" The type of evolution Ray Comfort seems to want to see is that which takes place over millions of years – macro-evolution as it has become known. Why Jesus? [54] If you want the earth to move a full hydrogen atom you'll need 99 friends. Comfort's view on salvation changes with the wind at times. Today’s Resource : Get the fabulous Carl Werner DVD Living Fossils and his great prequel, Evolution: The Grand Experiment ! Please, repent (turn from sin) today and trust in Jesus, and God will grant you everlasting life. Comfort twists disinterest into fear. The first veins may not have been veins as we picture them, but as some form of muscle that would assist in blood flow. But the theory of evolution doesn’t predict such things. The Calvary Chapel, founded by Chuck Smith,[note 1] teaches the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Ghost) and that the Bible is inerrant. Have you ever told a lie? He did a good job. Either of these, or failure to capitalize "God" and "Jesus", will cause an immediate deletion of their comments. Second, if we all share a common ancestor whose population consisted of male and female, and given varying genetic frequencies among reproductive populations (leading to (usually subtle) changes in their morphological or physiological composition, which—when compiled over successive generations—can increase biodiversity) and the fact nothing can’t outgrow heredity (due to Dollo's law of irreversibility), it is no surprise that horses, giraffes, cattle, zebras, leopards, primates, antelopes, pigs, dogs, sheep, fish, goats, mice, squirrels, whales, chickens, dinosaurs, beavers, cats, human beings and rats all have male and females? Men’s hearts will fail them for fear of the future; humanity will be selfish, materialistic, arrogant, proud. There are numerous transitional fossils between genera and families, however, Comfort's faith demands that he willingly dismiss them outright. "Enlightening as well as entertaining-because it forces evolutionists to exercise a mental muscle that they apparently haven't used in a while." Other gems included in this book include: (Given the above, it might be that Ray's douchebaggery has actually diminished a bit with time. Comfort: Jesus said that anybody who looked at a women in lust is guilty of adultery in his heart. [59], Comfort also expressed his support for Kim Davis:[60]. In yet another variant of Pascal's wager, Comfort tells his followers to accept increased suffering in this life in order to avoid greater pain after death; you've got to be miserable for Jesus:[55]. Scientists like Dawkins and Eugenie Scott don't waste their time on people like Comfort, a man who has no intention whatsoever of changing his mind or actually acknowledging valid scientific evidence. The Calvary Chapel, founded by Chuck Smith,[note 1] teaches the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Ghost) and that the Bible is inerrant. All he wants is an audience to preach to. However, his tactics and methods of getting a debate are rather immature and despicable. Science Nothing Evolution. This is an artist's rendition (his mental image) of what the Fishapod may have looked like. But they haven't helped in the slightest. Heathen: [Does not matter whether they answer yes or no or anything in-between, or even point out the errors in the question or present their own views on how to identify a good/bad person] [11], There has been an infamous fabricated quote attributed to Comfort, in the context of the story of Abraham and Isaac: "I would kill a thousand children if God asked me to, that's because I have faith. As you can imagine, we receive a lot of email messages. ", List of fallacious quotes by creationists, Ray Comfort in response to atheist James D. Franz, Many, many people talk of their love and experience of God; how could they be wrong. In the Book of Genesis, Jacob steals from his brother, lies to his father, and is continually rewarded by god. More recently, Comfort has focused less on atheism, saying in 2012: "So, the good news for me is that I will start daily blogging again on January 1st, 2012. On top of that, the scientific evidence heavily supports this is exactly what happened.[31]. Ray comfort evolution vs god. Directed by Ray Comfort. Kids should be allowed to make up their own minds about this issue, and not be censored to 'one side is all we will let you hear.' Most modern psychologists disapprove strongly of the "Endless Love guilt" game. Creation Science Review. His arguments for a young Earth are entirely unfounded in science, demonstrate basic misunderstandings of both evolution and science in general, and often aren't even based on reality. Their answers will amaze you! Comfort appears not to understand the distinction between an all-powerful, universe-spanning being and mere mortals. Several transitional fossils possess four pseudo-limbs, lungs, and internal gills. "Absolutely excellent." "Evolution vs. God will rock the creation and evolution world!" In other words, he's about as receptive to reason as the average brick. Directed by Ray Comfort. Comfort firmly believes that the Bible (particularly Ezekiel 38) prophesies that Russia will attack Israel at the End Times (or "the latter days", Ezekiel 38:16). Under Lamarckian evolution, physical traits were passed from parent to offspring (e.g. Comfort's presuppositionalism and blind faith in his religion demand that he believe, regardless of proof, whereas scientists are interested in honest discussions and an earnest approach to discovering truth. The evidence thus far points to the Big Bang Theory, which does not say that the universe was created from nothing ex nihilo—that is a common straw man constructed by creationists like Comfort. He is the founder of Living Waters ministry. Hear expert testimony from leading evolutionary scientists at some of the world's top universities: Ray Comfort once again demonstrates that he has no intention of ever understanding what evolution actually entails. As I sat behind his angled vehicle, I quietly said, “No problem sir. We see patterns in clouds, crystals, and snowflakes, but we already know that they all manifest naturally without a designer. It was released August 7, 2013 and is about 38 minutes in length. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Creation Science Review. He's again willing to spend tons of money to promote his narrow vision of religion while attacking modern science. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Intelligent Design Vs. Evolution: Letters to an Atheist. Claim CB350: Sex is too complex for its origin to be explained by evolution. Randy Alcorn, Eternal Perspective Ministries. Shaking the foundations of faith 38min documentary short 22 july 2013 usa ray comfort new zealand born evangelist takes to the streets to ask random people to provide him with evidence for evolution along with four evolutionary biologists. [citation NOT needed] He admits that any person can be saved and cleansed of sin the second they repent, making Christianity a get-out-of-jail-free card. Movie producer Ray Comfort has produced a firestorm on YouTube with the 36-minute documentary on evolution entitled “Evolution vs. God”. Second: At other times, Comfort puts a serious emphasis on repentance. Comfort compares himself to a man at court, where the judge asks to see evidence of his sin, where his lawyer gets up and says "there is no evidence of his sin. People really need to start asking questions about this as it is such a flawed theory dressed up as fact. A compelling presentation of the faith-based nature of evolutionism. In his "faith-shaking" documentary Evolution vs. God,[27] Comfort asks skeptics to whip up a rose from nothing. Comfort says the signs reveal the coming end of days, which are (you can listen to Comfort list them off here): When people say that these things have always happened, Comfort jumps on them saying, "What you said is is exactly what the Bible said you would say, therefore you prove the Bible yet again!". Comfort's approach to proving the existence sometimes consists of anti-evidentialism similar to presuppositionalism: Despite refusing to engage in evidentialist apologetics when inconvenient, Comfort believes that God can be scientifically proven. The million dollar question: Will you go to Heaven? Ray comfort september 23 2020. However, he's now expanded his fruity teleological article to other fruits such as the orange and coconut[21], which makes you wonder how he's going to explain fruits like deadly nightshade (poisonous to humans but sometimes mistaken for blackberries), the durian (thorny and stinky), that God-designed grapes are fine for humans, but toxic to God-designed dogs, or that God-designed coconuts falling from the tree may cause injury and even death (surely coconuts could be designed to grow from a low and safe bush? Not only is he so old, he is without eyes or sight. Ray Comfort Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Here, Comfort's argument is structured as "A painting had a painter, a watch had a watchmaker, therefore creation must have a creator." The 'science' for which the United States is respected has nothing to do with the unscientific and baseless theory of evolution. The more a nation gets into darkness, the more it's going to hate the light. Don't waste your money, unless you enjoy being dumbed-down by morons. Will you be guilty on Judgment Day? Apart from Russia attacking Israel, Comfort believes that the end of times as predicted in the Bible is coming. Note that as evolutionary theory would predict, different evolutionary lineages of fish have developed different ways to get oxygen from air. This spawned a massive uproar among right-wing media, whining about a government misstep fearful of their persecution by the Feds.[77][78][83][84][85]. Evolution certainly does not claim that "Everything came from nothing." Finally! Apparently, if you lie to a Nazi that you are hiding a Jew in your home, you are just as guilty as if you murdered 100 people, despite you just lied to save a life. It is only 38 minutes long so if you have time you should check it out. Comfort: What are you called if you tell a lie? However, the scientific method is a way of discovering truth by repeatably testing, making accurate predictions, and engaging in peer review. Intelligent Design Vs. Evolution book. Third: This argument is a perfect example of begging the question: the argument needs God to exist, to prove why you should believe in God. "Exciting and revealing." Do you want to be descended from a monkey? Comfort then "quotes" from Ask a Scientist: (quotes in text mark Comfort's quotes). You take your time. Ray Comfort on The Evolution of Jerks. [6] As of January 2016, Comfort's Facebook, which he often uses, had 515,000 likes,[7] and the Living Waters / Way of the Master Facebook had 325,000 likes. These seven missing links aren't found—links at all. Comfort's most notable compilations of word-spew: Comfort has faced accusations that he copied the work of Stan Guffey without giving credit. ), Comfort claims to know the difference between what the theory of evolution really is and what the misunderstandings and fabrications (which he claims are the average persons belief) about it are. Know God Personally; Take JesusOnline With You. if your arm muscles are strong from constant weight lifting, then your offspring will have more muscular arms). Comfort often provides the following biography in his books and websites: Comfort's YouTube channel, "Living Waters", had 739,000 subscribers and 140 million views in November 2020. They don't have empirical evidence for the Fishapod, but they do have a painting. Shaking the foundations of faith 38min documentary short 22 july 2013 usa ray comfort new zealand born evangelist takes to the streets to ask random people to provide him with evidence for evolution along with four evolutionary biologists. Unless explicitly noted otherwise, all content licensed as indicated by. The tracts were quite clearly not government-issued:[78], After being contacted by a North Carolina bank at which a customer had attempted to cash one of these tracts,[81] US Secret Service agents arrived at Great News Network, an evangelist organization linked to Comfort and Cameron's Way of the Master ministry,[82] and seized their stock of 8,300 "Million Dollar" gospel tracts, on threat of arrest. In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood, Adam and Evolution: A Scientific Critique of Neo-Darwinism, Darwinism Under The Microscope: How Recent Scientific Evidence Points To Divine Design, Evolution Under the Microscope: A Scientific Critique of the Theory of Evolution, Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature Is Almost Certainly False, Rethinking Darwin: A Vedic Study of Darwinism and Intelligent Design, Seeking God in Science: An Atheist Defends Intelligent Design, The Darwin Myth: The Life and Lies of Charles Darwin, The Mystery of Life's Origin: Reassessing Current Theories, The Origin of Human Nature: A Zen Buddhist Looks at Evolution, The Wonders of Creation Reveal God's Glory, Model academic freedom statute on evolution, Text of Arkansas Balanced Treatment for Creation-Science and Evolution-Science Act, Text of the Louisiana Academic Freedom Act, Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry, Louisiana Baptist University and Seminary, Affirmations and Denials Essential to a Consistent Christian (Biblical) Worldview, Answers in Genesis-Creation Ministries International's Statement of Faith, Answers in Genesis Dawkins interview controversy, Atheists Outline Their Global Religious Agenda, Statements that are wrong on the level of a Young Earth, Responding to Sam Burke's Argument That Christianity Entails Anti-Natalism, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Examples of God personally killing people,, He has no formal education in science, much less, He constantly pipes up the old one liner: "there are, Many of his anti-evolution arguments show a profound misunderstanding of evolutionary theory. This leads to some … interesting and … creative … conclusions. Creationists habitually misdefine their terms, and commonly insist that evolution means "life from non-life". According to his argument, if the rose is not intelligently designed, anyone should be able to make it. Ray Comfort. Sexual Repression: The Malady That Considers Itself the Remedy: The case history is from a former Christadelphian but can be generalized to other religious people who try to suppress sex. God did not tell Moses to give the Commandments to the Egyptians, the Canaanites, the Greeks, the Chinese, or anyone else. debate on Nightline with the Rational Response Squad. Corinthians is quoted to suit Ray Comfort without explaining translation uncertainty. Your selected delivery location is beyond seller's shipping coverage for this item. Fill in the blank. ), When the subject of the book was raised on Comfort's Facebook page, he defended it by saying:[73]. On the blog, Comfort forbids foul language (however he interprets "foul") and links to other websites. [56][57], Like any decent fundamentalist Christian, Comfort is a homophobe. Second: As for stealing, Comfort includes even children are held accountable (going against the Christian doctrine Age of Accountability, which holds that children are born in sin, they are not accountable for their actions). This oversimplification of speciation doesn't accurately reflect scientific explanations. Fifth: This argument starts with asking "are you a good person?" More recently, Comfort's movie, Audacity, is a mix of scripted scenes where bike messenger "Peter" comes to understand that gays will go to hell through a series of contrived metaphorical events and decides to bring them the Gospel, and Comfort's typical shock-and-awe (and quote-mined) street interviews with passers-by. However, personal experience is not sufficient both because it cannot be empirically tested, and personal experiences can produce countless feelings that seem real but are, in fact, not. Ray comfort evolution vs god. It lists Ray Comfort as having $128,200 compensation, Emeal Zwayne (Comfort's son-in-law) as $129,018, and Daniel Comfort as $109,163. In 1979, Comfort published More Than Just Comfort: An Answer to Cancer. Sure, Christians love to cheer every time they see Jesus' face appear on grilled cheese sandwiches. Ray Comfort claims to find a Cure for Cancer. It is also presented in practically every gospel tract printed and distributed by Way of the Master. Comfort is now using a straw man against Lamarckian evolution, not Darwin's theory of evolution. Comfort: Do you think you are a good person? Jesus said, ‘Whoever looks upon a woman to lust after her has committed adultery already with her in his heart.’ Have you looked with lust? Hitler, murderers, rapists, or anyone else, can be just as wicked as they want their whole life to their last minute, but that's clearly fine with Comfort. Evolution vs. God: Ray Comfort: 38 MINS: Speaker: Ray Comfort. Ray Comfort's DVD shows that it is unscientific, by interviewing evolutionary scientists from UCLA and USC, as well as biology majors. But when Ray Comfort takes to the streets with his iconic camera and microphone in his new DVD Evolution vs God, he shows that for both typical students and college professors, their stance on origins and the age of the world is actually a matter of faith. Macro evolution is faith based; micro evolution is the only thing Darwin got right! But Psalm 62:12 disagrees: "For you render to each one according to his works." This is a must see for anyone about to go into a College or University. The tracts typically attempt to persuade the reader that on judgment day, they will certainl… Although, if Comfort accepts that transitional fossils exist between snails, but still calls them snails, then he must accept that transitions exist among apes and he should call them human apes. We're not sure why we are supposed to believe the analogy to a crashing plane, much less know it, but Comfort asserts it's true.[49]. See also the missing link and Ray Comfort's stunt.. further reading. Dvd-180: Changing Hearts And Minds About Lifes Hot-Button Issues. For example, he is well known for his banana argument, which claims that the banana is so perfect that it must have been intelligently designed in nature, despite the fact that the banana is a product of human artificial selection. On his Living Waters ministry website:[58]. Comfort, in attempting to make this sound as absurd as possible, relies on his own ignorance of actual evolutionary science and our inherent inability to properly conceive of large spans of time, portraying one individual creature, at one point in time. You feel the love you have for your spouse or child, and you feel the love you have for God. He was a minister at the Calvary Chapel Fellowship, as was his son-in-law, Emeil Zwayne. This will move the earth about a hundredth of the radius of a hydrogen atom. Comfort is a big fan of the argument from design, and loves to talk about how amazing the human eyes are and does not accept that the eye evolved. Some animals and organisms are alive without blood, such as the jellyfish, bacteria and plants. Perhaps the biggest audience he ever has was the debate with the Rational Response Squad on Nightline television, where Comfort revealed he could not prove God scientifically (which he had promised to do) and that his whole argument relies on faith and belief. Absolutely, behold the. Is that how any evolutionary scientist ever described it? Now imagine you are in a court standing before the judge. PZ Myers, Associate Professor, Biology, University of Minnesota Morris Knowledge and science will be greatly increased. ed. ... Ray Comfort co-hosts (with Kirk Cameron) the award-winning television show, "The Way of the Master." [79] (So they might look like a million dollars, but they're actually worth a bit less.) From So Simple a Beginning: Darwin's Four Great Books (Voyage of the H.M.S. Ray Comfort Responds to Genie Scott on Creationist 'Origin of Species' November 02, 2009 12:57 PM ET In the third installment of a debate between creationist Ray Comfort and scientist Eugenie Scott, Comfort defends his new version of Darwin's On the Origin of Species against a … Look at the rock formation in Maui's Iao Valley State Park that bears a striking resemblance to President, Have we seen other human-like faces pop up naturally in nature? Some Gobies breathe air using the method proposed by Comfort, aeration of the gills, but they are not from the lineage that led to lungs. Furthermore, even a verifiable personal experience may only apply to certain circumstances; if I experience illness as the result of eating a particular food, for example, it's not necessarily the case that that food is universally harmful (e.g., I may have an allergy to that food).

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