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why were the spanish conquistadors bad


In Peru, Pizarro found allies against the Inca among recently-conquered tribes such as the Cañari. They even believed much of it, and it affected their perception of New World reality. Juan Ponce de Leon (1450–1521) is said to have famously searched for the Fountain of Youth in Florida (although much of that is a myth). Wherever the conquistadors went, death, disease, and misery for the natives followed. California breaks record for hospitalizations. Question: Why Were The Inca So Vulnerable To Smallpox In Comparison To The Spanish Conquistadors? The conquistadors were all volunteers, the majority of whom did not receive a fixed salary but instead a portion of the spoils of victory, in the form of precious metals, land grants and provision of native labour. I need as many as possible! The Spanish conquistadors took away the Indians right to their way of life and their land. There is no admission charge, but a $5 donation per adult is requested. Gold and silver poured in from its colonies and Spain was the most powerful state in Europe. 1500–1533) fill up a large room once with gold and twice with silver in exchange for his freedom. There were Spaniards who would not exploit the Indians, and there were Indians who cooperated with the Spanish for their own profit. Why were they so often the Bad Guys? The sailors were ordered to treat the natives humanely, and they were to be considered equal. They were conquering much of it. The Huntington Library’s exhibit “Spain in the Americas: What is the Legacy?” is intended to let people draw their own conclusions. “Secondly, we felt that people would appreciate it.”. S panish conquistadors, women, children and horses were imprisoned for months, sacrificed and eaten by contemporaries of the Aztecs, archaeologists report … Conquistadors who participated in any successful campaign were given shares based on many factors. In Peru, Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro (1471–1541) demanded that the Incan Emperor Atahualpa (ca. The river still bears the name to this day. Cortes' men always believed that he hid massive quantities of treasure from them. But when one looks at the details of what was going on in that era, things are not so black and white. The Spaniards Were Immune To Smallpox Due To Early Innoculations. Spanish conquistadors conquered new territory for which country? First and foremost, Spain claimed all of the gold and silver rich lands of Central and South America. On some other expeditions, men were lucky to get home alive, let alone with any gold: only four men survived the disastrous Panfilo de Narvaez (1478–1528) expedition to Florida which had begun with 400 men–Narváez was not among the survivors. Most wern’t, but some could have been rich enough to have been of that social class, and possibly ‘knighted’ for their efforts. California is named after a fictional island in a popular Spanish chivalry novel. The middle east (Isreal vs Syria), Eastern Europe (Serbia -for one), and Asia (Pakistan vs India) are just a few examples. The emperor complied, but the Spanish killed him anyway. The truth is that they had a lot of help. Many of the conquistadors who explored the New World were avid fans of popular romance novels and of some of the more ridiculous elements of historical popular culture. However, the conquistadors were far more interested in gold and loot. The cities of the Maya could have been it. Their armies were mostly composed of Spanish, as well as soldiers from other parts of Europe and Africa. The only area in southern Mexico of effective indigenous resistance was Yucatán, inhabited by Maya societies. The horses, cannons and iron weaponry brought over on their huge ships from Cuba commanded respect and fear. A response board for comments has been set up as part of the exhibit because “we were curious about what the response would be,” Frank said. How much do you know about the ruthless men who gave the New World to the King of Spain on a bloody platter? They not only fought in the battlefield, but served as interpreters, informants, servants, teachers, physicians, and scribes in the New World. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our, But Many Conquistadors Didn't Get Much Gold, Modern Latin Americans Don't Necessarily Think Very Much of Them, 10 Notable Spanish Conquistadors Throughout History, 10 Facts About the Conquest of the Inca Empire, Consequences of the Conquest of the Aztecs, Biography of Francisco Pizarro, Spanish Conqueror of the Inca, Armor and Weapons of the Spanish Conquistadors, Biography of Francisco de Orellana, Discoverer of the Amazon River, Their Arms and Armor Made Them Nearly Unbeatable, The Treasures They Found Were Unimaginable, They Fruitlessly Searched for El Dorado for Centuries. However, she did not authorize slavery. The Spanish conquistadors raped the American natives of their naiveness. They could not see how a group of people could follow such a god. Common soldiers wound up with a paltry 160 pesos of gold after the King of Spain, Cortes, and the other officers had taken their cut and made various payoffs. Why Were The Spanish Conquistadors Able To Defeat The Native Americans So Easily. The Inca Medical System Was Inferior To That Of The Spaniards. The men who ravaged the peoples of the New World came to be known as the conquistadors, a Spanish word meaning "he who conquers." The Spanish conquistadors had many military advantages over the New World natives. After Hernan Cortes and Francisco Pizarro conquered and looted the Aztec and Inca Empires respectively between 1519 and 1540, thousands of soldiers came from Europe, hoping to be on the next expedition to strike it rich. Their units (compañia) would often specialize in forms of combat that required long periods of training that were too costly for informal groups. There are no major statues of Hernan Cortes in Mexico (and one of him in Spain was defaced in 2010 when someone splattered red paint all over it). Hernán Cortés owed his conquest of the Aztecs to his expedition's unknown, unseen secret weapon: the smallpox virus. The conquistadors who brought down native empires are not highly thought of in the lands they conquered. To be a Spanish Conquistador wasn’t at all easy, it involved a dangerous boat journey to a land never seen before. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Their arrival in the Americas did lead to further exploration and discovery, but at significant cost. The Spanish explorer of the 16th century were "conquistadors" (Spanish for conquerors). Public health officials in some counties are warning that unless the coronavirus surge can be stopped, hospitals could run out of beds in weeks. can 168 Spanish soldiers defeat an army of 80,000 Native Americans?Well in the year 1532, a Spanish conquistador known as Francisco Pizarro invaded the New World. The Spanish Conquistadors were those who initially expanded the Spanish Empire. They sought to claim glory for themselves. The men in Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes' (1485–1547) forces in Mexico, however, did not make out nearly as well. Spanish conquistadors like de Soto were inheritors of some of the finest riding techniques in the whole of Eurasia. Frank pointed out that, in terms of the larger picture, the Spanish conquest was a disaster for American Indians. A few also had crude firearms known as Arquebus. They thought they’d find great riches there. Cannons could take out groups of enemy warriors at a time, something natives had no concept of. For years, the Spanish had been searching for the legendary El Dorado. The new rules, affecting stores, playgrounds and gatherings, are less severe than the stay-at-home order initiated in the spring. All in all, Atahualpa's ransom came to 13,000 pounds of gold and twice that much silver. The Spanish conquistadors were mainly explorers and soldiers. What you do — how we ALL act in the next six weeks — will make the difference between an inconvenient fall and a disaster that will take years to overcome. Spanish Conquistadors: The Spanish conquistadors were ambitious explorers during the early 15th century. The queen ordered the natives to be converted to Christianity and taught European behaviors. No one in the Spanish camp knew where the Inca general was. The deeds of the conquistadors were surely as amazing as those of the ancient Greeks or Romans. But the Spanish wanted to convert everyone to their religion. The conquistadors were Spanish and Portuguese soldiers who explored much of the world during the Age of Discovery. Please Help! Cortes also secured an alliance with the free state of Tlaxcala, which provided him with thousands of fierce warriors who hated the Mexica and their allies. The Americas were full of fierce native warriors who defended their lands valiantly, but they had gold and other valuables, which were irresistible to the invaders. Op-Ed: On the COVID frontlines, we’re tired of hearing lame excuses for risky behavior. The conquest of Mexico was carried out by Hernan Cortes, who landed at Veracruz in 1519; Peru was conquered by Francisco Pizarro and Diego del Almagro, which began in 1531. Christopher Minster, Ph.D., is a professor at the ​Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador. The viceroyalties were expected to be governed in America in precisely the same way as the king governed i… The Spanish Conquistadors were a brutal group of colonizers that managed to make the King of Spain very wealthy by robbing the natives of their fortune and lives. Although the vast majority of the conquistadors came from Spain, not all of them did. The Spanish were also met by warriors with bows, arrows, and clubs. What’s open and closed amid L.A.’s stricter COVID rules. The Aztecs thought the conquistadors, with their beards, white skin, shiny armor, horses, and ships, were gods who were returning to claim their lands. Each of these vice royalties was presided over by a viceroy appointed directly by the king. By 1533, the Spanish conquistadors were hearing rumors that Rumiñahui, the best of all the Inca generals, and his giant army were preparing for a fierce battle against the Spanish. Just as the Spanish were overwhelmed by the fearsome Aztec warriors, they too created a huge impact. The rumor of one last wealthy native kingdom known as El Dorado (The Golden One) proved so persistent that it was not until about 1800 that people stopped looking for it. Exhibit visitors have put up their opinions about what the Spanish did and there have even been a few debates. Why were Spanish Conquistadors so brutal towards indigenous? The common soldiers in Pizarro's army did well, each of them getting about 45 pounds of gold and twice that much silver from the emperor's ransom. Spanish conquistadors were explorers of the Spanish Empire who sailed beyond Europe to the Americas, Oceania, Africa and Asia, conquering territory and opening trade routes. A statue of Francisco Pizarro stood in the main square of Lima for many years but has recently been moved to a smaller, out-of-the-way city park. Spanish ConquistadorsSpain was the first European country to build an empire in the New World. Arquebuses, smoothbore precursors to rifles, were not practical firearms in a fight, as they are slow to load and kill or wound only one enemy at a time, but the noise and smoke caused fear in native armies. Although the Conquistadors' arrival in the New World has been celebrated by many, it was far from a noble quest. Two famous examples are the 1520 Battle of Cempoala between Hernan Cortes and Panfilo de Narvaez and the Conquistador Civil War in Peru in 1537. But even in the 16th century, questions were asked about the morality of their exploits. Other conquistadors were convinced they would find giants, the devil, the lost kingdom of Prester John, or any number of other fantastic monsters and places in the unexplored corners of the New World. In Mexico, conquistadors found great golden treasures, including great discs of gold, masks, jewelry, and even gold dust and bars. Disease epidemics can set the course of human history. The atrocities they committed over the course of three centuries are far too many to be listed here, but there are some that stand out. The Mexica (Aztec) Empire was largely comprised of vassal states which were eager to rise against their tyrannical masters. Mexico - Mexico - Expansion of Spanish rule: After taking possession of the Aztec empire, the Spaniards quickly subjugated most of the other indigenous tribes in southern Mexico, and by 1525 Spanish rule had been extended as far south as Guatemala and Honduras. There are two aspects to consider here: their religion, and their politics. Historians still debate whether this is true or not, but Montezuma's attitude suggests he thought, at least at the start, that the Spanish were of divine origin. Columbus defied those orders, which eventually led to tensions between the explorers and the Spanish government. Once word of the riches being sent out of Mexico by Hernan Cortes became common knowledge, thousands of desperate, greedy would-be conquistadors flocked to the New World. In Mexico, Hernan Cortes and Pedro de Alvarado (1485–1581) ordered the Cholula Massacre and the Temple Massacre respectively, killing thousands of unarmed men, women, and children. They were sons of a specific historical context called reconquista that made them some of the hardiest soldiers in europe at the time, they lived in a time of sword and bible hard to understand outside of that specific reality. Source for information on Spanish Conquistadors: U*X*L Encyclopedia of U.S. History dictionary. Many of the Spanish were already experienced soldiers who had previously campaigned in Europe. It should not be surprising, then, that squabbles between groups of these heavily-armed bandits should break out frequently. A common religous belief can be seen as a huge benefit when one compares areas in the world where it doesn't exist. It began with Christopher Columbus himself, who thought he had found the Garden of Eden. Spain. In the Caribbean, most of the native populations were completely wiped out due to Spanish rapine and diseases. Two examples are Pedro de Candia (1485–1542), a Greek explorer and artilleryman who accompanied the Pizarro expedition, and Ambrosius Ehinger (1500–1533), a German who cruelly tortured his way across northern South America in 1533 in search of El Dorado. These men organized themselves into expeditions which were expressly designed to turn a profit: They were sponsored by rich investors and the conquistadors themselves often bet everything they had on finding gold or people to enslave. There were Spaniards who would not exploit the Indians, and there were Indians who cooperated with the Spanish for their own profit. There are some who think Christopher Columbus was a bigoted dope who did not know he had discovered a new land when he bumped into what is now the Bahamas 500 years ago. Yes. While today it seems ridiculous that a country of only 195,364 square miles (about 31,000 mile larger than the state of California) would claim over 8,149,627 square miles of territory – all of which already belonged to other people. Spanish Conquistadors would come to the Americas and brutally murder men women and children in the name of a god. In Guatemala, conquistador Pedro de Alvarado is buried in an unassuming grave in Antigua, but his old foe, Tecun Uman, has his face on a banknote. In Peru, Francisco Pizarro captured Emperor Atahualpa in the midst of an unprovoked bloodbath at Cajamarca. The conquistadors were professional warriors, using Old World tactics, short-swords, and cavalry. It is based on the San Marino library’s vast collection of rare books, maps and manuscripts documenting Spanish exploration from 1492 to 1600. In the eyes of the Spanish, they were good because they brought them gold and converted people to their religion. The spanish did bad things in america, totally. He is a former head writer at VIVA Travel Guides. The top level of Spanish government in America divided the conquests of the conquistadors into two enormous viceroyalties: the viceroyalty of New Spain, which included all of Mexico, Central America, and the West Indian islands—and the viceroyalty of Peru, which governed the Spanish conquests in South America. The men who ravaged the peoples of the New World came to be known as the conquistadors, a Spanish word meaning "he who conquers." The Spaniards’ use of animals and technology made them no less barbaric than the Aztecs, just dramatically different. They are best remembered for their conquests and exploration of the Americas. Spanish - even with it's many dialects- is the unifier. Conquistadors like Hernan Cortes and Francisco Pizarro became legendary for their conquests of the Aztec and Inca Empires, honored as national heroes for centuries after their deaths. Many men from other European nations joined the Spanish in their conquest and looting of the New World. The Aztecs and Inca Empires were rich in gold, silver, precious stones, and other things the Spanish found less valuable, like brilliant clothes made of bird feathers. Some may think that the conquistadors, in their fine armor and steel swords, conquered the mighty empires of Mexico and South America by themselves. Bit of both really. “We felt the best way to deal with it was not to duck the issue,” said Bill Frank, the exhibit’s curator. Without these thousands of native warriors fighting alongside them, these legendary conquistadors would certainly have failed. L.A. County tightens COVID-19 restrictions today: What you need to know. B. In 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered previously unknown lands to the west of Europe, and it wasn't long before the New World filled with colonists and adventurers looking to make a fortune. I'm reading Bartolomé de las Casas chronicle on the conquest of the Nueva España and it makes me sick. And there are others who think the Italian explorer’s exploit--the quincentennial of which is being marked this year--was the greatest event that ever happened to mankind. ... Hard against the Portuguese frontier in the Spanish south-west, the region reckons itself the Land of Conquistadors. When Christopher Columbus (1451–1506) landed in the Caribbean islands in 1492, it alerted Spain to the existence of the New World and to prospects of precious metals and wealth to be gained there. Dozens of expeditions set out, searching everywhere from the plains of North America to the jungles of South America. There are, however, majestic statues of Cuitláhuac and Cuauhtemoc, two Mexica Tlatoani (Aztec leaders) who fought the Spanish, proudly displayed on Reforma Avenue in Mexico City. Quisquis and Rumiñahui took up the fight against the Spanish in the following months. Select One: A. The Aztecs were equally, if not more violent, destructive and bloodthirsty than the Spanish who conquered them. European crossbowmen could rain down lethal bolts on enemy troops who could not defend themselves from missiles which could punch through steel. Cortes would not have gotten far without Malinche (c. 1500-1550), an enslaved native woman who acted as his interpreter and was also the mother of one of his children.

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